The Thunderclaps:

On a stormy Sunday morning, a worship band that had a penchant for adding clapping to their songs was rehearsing at The Gathering's McCausland Site. Thunder shook the sanctuary between songs, sending a piece of plaster onto a pew in the upper row of the (vacant) balcony.  And thus, the Thunderclaps were born.  

Led by husband/wife team Ryan & Beth McClure, The T-claps' sound encompasses bluegrass, folk, country, and rock while mixing traditional hymns and modern worship songs into new arrangements.  And they're always ready to kick things off with a rollicking secular tune to get toes tapping.  

And yes, they like to make people clap.... especially double clap.

Ryan McClure // Band Leader, Worship Leader

Ryan McClure // Band Leader, Worship Leader

Beth   McClure //   Band Leader, Worship Leader

Beth McClure // Band Leader, Worship Leader