The Desert - BarChurch EP

by Made New Creative

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If you thought you’d never find God in a college bar, then you must not be familiar with BarChurch. What started as a small college ministry has grown into a church that is transforming the lives of college students and young adults across St. Louis in a tangible way. BarChurch has since moved from a college bar into a coffeeshop, but every week, a group of people convert this space into a sanctuary that provides a home for people to experience God in new and innovative ways. The musicians of BarChurch have written and recorded an album that very much fits into the fabric of what makes this church unique; this album is not filled with studio musicians who get paid to play music every day, but rather the songs feature people who have volunteered their time and talents to make songs that remind us that creativity is not limited to vocation.

Made New Creative creates opportunities for people who may not see themselves as artists to do things they never thought they could do.  A space where ordinary people can do extraordinary things and use their talent and passion to glorify God in unique and powerful ways.