Rob GivenS // 

Spoken Word Artist, poet, & creative writer

Rob is a creative writer, artist and poet with a passion for personal expression and the gospel. He first started writing during the challenging time of his mother’s battle with cancer, questioning why and finding his faith. He started by writing a series of prayers speaking to God in search of answers. That’s when he realized he had a gift for creative writing. 

Inspired by spoken word artists and hip hop, his freestyle poetry shares the raw emotions he feels toward his faith, life, social injustice and his love for humanity. He pours out his soul through a pad and a pen and prays that God uses his words for His glory. 

Seeing great interest with his first video (reaching over 7,000 views on social media) Rob plans to release a series of videos and an album in 2017. In the future he would like to start an open mic night for local artists and young poets in hopes to grow a stronger community for artists in the St. Louis area.