Maggie Konich // Band Leader

Maggie Konich // Band Leader

Clayton Chamber Ensemble:

The Clayton Chamber Ensemble (CCE) is an amalgam of musicians who seek to praise God and serve the church through their various instruments. It is the combination of voices that makes this group fun and quirky--some weeks there may be a viola, a baritone saxophone, a trumpet, and/or a trombone jamming with the rhythm section. And that's wonderful because despite the "non-traditional" orchestrations, they all find a way to harmonize and create something that is more than the sum of their parts. While some members of the CCE are professional musicians and others are enthusiastic amateurs, they all want worshipers to feel both the joy and the catharsis of music. Traditional hymns, modern praise music, current pop songs--the CCE loves them all and hopes you'll sing along.

Why I'm a part of Made New creative:

We all have that little melody that gets stuck in our head or that lyric that strikes right at the core of what we are feeling. I'm excited that possibly a part of the music I'm making will impact the heart of someone listening in the congregation, whether it's revealing a hidden truth, fixing a hurt place, or bolstering an existing good mood.

In the past I often felt shy about serving the church in a traditional way like serving communion or ushering. Being a part of Made New gave me a way to serve that is truly "me". I always leave rehearsal or a worship service in the greatest mood, and I hope some of that energy translates to other people in the room.