Candice Jones

The past two years at the Gathering have strengthened my spiritual foundation and enriched my creativity. The pastors make the Bible accessible and relevant. Most of my art is unplanned and heavily influenced by what I feed my intellect. Because I am able to understand and internalize what I learn on Sundays, my artwork engages in the spiritual challenges. The Gathering is truly unique, and I am grateful to be the featured artist of this sermon series.

During Blueprint, each week, one new painting investigates faith and reflects on the sermon. As a whole, my paintings seek to understand light and shadow and to play with imagery in organic forms. Seemingly dark in tone, my pieces allow access to spirituality by tackling themes of impermanence, identity, doubt and transformation. Immediate influences include Japanese painting, high contrast works like that of Cy Twombly and Clyfford Still, and the calligraphic strokes of Brion Gysin. At its core, spiritual practice and prayer inspire my method of working.