Weekly Inspiration // Stu Faris


Hey there, Stu Faris here. I’m the Audio Visual Coordinator at The Gathering. You can find me behind the mixing console, climbing behind the stage or somewhere dealing dealing with lighting or up in a lift or crouched behind a laptop or computer dealing with video world, but occasionally I’m behind the kit. I love making lots of music at home and play every and all the instruments to write and record in just about every genre I can. Thanks for checking this out!

Parquet Courts

They’ve been around since 2010 releasing some great albums. A little mix of post-punk, garage rock, art punk, instrumental, and indie rock they keep on releasing some cool albums every time. Every album is great. Check them out.


Danish Alt. Rock, I mean, how much more intrigued to you need to be? I have a thing for three piece bands, especially three pieces that are on the prog rock and punk rock side. Here’s a quote about what they’re like, “I usually say we’re ‘indie stadium.’ A mix between ‘feelings’ and ‘thinking’ is usually good.” I mean, come on!!! Most albums, when finished, Bjerre gets working on all the visuals. But they’re most recent album, happily titled “Visuals”, they started with all the visuals, then wrote the music around it. You won’t be disappointed by them.

Curtis Harding

This dude, man! He’s only released a couple albums but they kill. He released his first one in 2014 and another just last year which was for sure, I think, my favorite soul album of the year. He is awesome so check him out.

Trip to the Lou

Cool podcast from some real good comedians, right here in St. Louis. Typically, they go to a new STL spot and check something out, then tell about it on the next show every week. Good STL stuff!

View from the Penalty Box

I like old time hockey. I like old time hockey stories. This podcast has ALL of that and more. Cam Connor and his son do a great job bringing this show to everyone. The audio takes a bit to get past at first, but the stories make up for it. I can’t get enough of this one. I know it’s sports and not everyone is into that, but I love history and just life stories in general AND he’s like the nicest Canadian dude ever, but and old enforcer. Old time hockey!


If you don’t know about KDHX or have never really given it much time, you’re missing out. There are so many different shows and such a wide variety even on some single shows that you’re guaranteed to find something at some point that you’ll like. It’s turned me on to a lot of new music too. Check it out! Give them money too! STL!!!

That’s all for this time. I could keep throwing more out since I’m usually all over the place with music, podcasts and inspirations, but that is all for now. Peace+