Weekly Inspiration // Ross Donaldson


Hey there!

My name is Ross Donaldson.  I'm a worship leader here at The Gathering (Webster Groves).  I'm also a songwriter, author, creative consultant, and entrepreneur.  I wanted to let you know the albums that have been inspiring me these days...

Phantom Thread - Jonny Greenwood

Let me just say that Jonny Greenwood is a musical genius. He’s the guitarist/multi-instrumentalist of Radiohead, but his composing works are even more incredible.  He’s a master of turning his soundtracks into characters of the film. They truly add that much to the story line. His work on Phantom Thread was equally inspiring.

One - Sleeping At Last

Ryan O’Neal writes some of the most beautiful soundscapes in modern music. I’ve been friends and recording/touring with Ryan for the past few years.  This current project sets each enneagram type to song.  I had the privilege to write and record the strings for One. Check it out!

The louder I call, the faster it runs - Wye Oak

Wye Oak is a great 2 piece indie band out of Baltimore. Their most recent album just came out and it’s really fun.  It’s equal parts upbeat and brooding.

Singularity - Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins’ new album is an electronic instrumental record that will give you the perfect backing track for your work day routine.

Heiress - Novo Amor

Novo Amor produced this beautifully harmonic record that moves seamlessly from one track to the next. If you enjoy soaring vocals and reverb-laden instruments, you’ll really dig this album.

Until next time,

Ross Donaldson