Weekly Inspiration // Ross Donaldson



Hey there!

My name is Ross Donaldson.  I'm a worship leader here at The Gathering.  I'm also a songwriter, author, creative consultant, and entepreneur.  I wanted to let you know what's inspiring me these days…

Between The World And Me

This book by Ta-Nehisi Coates is a MUST READ to better understand America’s endemic mistreatment and subjugation of black bodies and lives.  Between The World And Me explores American history in a way that is rarely taught or discussed - spanning early slavery, prison systems, and the Black Lives Matter movement.


You Made It Weird

You Made it Weird is the podcast hosted by Pete Holmes.  Holmes is a quirky and nerdy comedian (and he’s also Rob Bell’s best friend).  His podcast hilariously explores art, creativity, faith, and purpose. I promise you’ll think creatively and critically through tears of laughter on this one.  NOTE: you might want to listen to this when the kids are out of the room ;)  



Reservoir is the newest album from indie-folk/electronic songwriter, Gordi.  It’s a beautifully written album full of dense and dark soundscapes.  Her voice soars and stirs up some pretty visceral emotions within the listener.  


Words Do Things

Ok, I know self-promotion is lame.  But this week is the 2 year anniversary of the release of my book, Words Do Things.  Words Do Things is a book of lyrical poetry.  So if you’re in the mood to get your poem on and want to explore faith, doubt, politics, love, and life, grab a copy!