Weekly Inspiration // Ross Donaldson



My name is Ross Donaldson.  I'm a worship leader here at The Gathering.  I'm also a songwriter, author, creative consultant, and recently founded my first startup, Sunstation USA.  I wanted to let you know what's inspiring me these days...

Abstract: The Art of Design
Abstract is an incredible 8 episode documentary on Netflix.  It follows 8 different creative artists through their respective artistic mediums.  From illustrators to stage designers, tennis shoe designers to architects, Abstract sheds light on the creative process, unlike anything I've seen.  Abstract: The Art of Design is now streaming on Netflix

I first met Propaganda a few years ago, playing the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta.  He's an incredible hip hop artist and poet, spinning truth and grit into every phrase.  His most recent album, Crooked, is prophetic in its political and cultural timeliness. https://humblebeast.com/artists/propaganda/

If you're from St. Louis, you've probably heard about Cortex.  Cortex is the start up, tech, and innovation hub, located in Midtown, between the Central West End and St. Louis University.  PBS recently ran a documentary, highlighting the inception of Cortex.  For anyone interested in the future of creativity in St. Louis, I highly recommend spending the day walking through Cortex (T-Rex, CIC, CET), grabbing a drink at Venture Cafe, and networking with some of the world's greatest dreamers!
http://www.ninenet.org/cortex/  (Cortex Documentary)

Rhodia Notebooks
Creatives will agree that it's crucial to constantly journal, write, and log thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  Rhodia's minimalist grid design is the perfect creative companion.

Almost nothing inspires like nature.  The temps are dropping and the colors are changing.  Just go outside and watch it happen.  Nature is here for us to recreate; or better yet, re-create...