Weekly Inspiration // Neil Ostercamp


Hi Everyone,

My name is Neil Ostercamp and I am a worship leader at The Gathering.  When I’m not working for the church, I teach saxophone at the University of Missouri – St. Louis and enjoy anything that has to do with food and drinks.  Here are a few things that have brought me inspiration lately. 

Tigran Hamasyan

Tigran Hamasyan is a pianist making some incredible music.  He was introduced to me by my friend Dalton a few months ago so I’ve been catching up on everything he has released over the last decade.  His latest release For Gyumri is out now.



Ever since college I have really enjoyed cooking at home.  I spend a lot of my free time reading cooking magazines, watching Good Eats, and experimenting with new recipes as well as refining old ones.  My wife Whitney and I have a food blog you should take a look at that documents all of our experiences.


Steve Lacy

I am equally excited and anxious to defend my dissertation this week.  My research is focused on the soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy.  My research has included reading, listening, transcription, analysis, and a lot of writing.  Through the process I have learned a lot about this wonderful musician.  Go take a listen to some of his music.