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Hello friends! My name is Matthew Moore, and I’m really excited to share some things that have been inspiring me lately. I am constantly inspired by different aspects of media, but today I wanted to focus my attention on podcasts. If you’ve ever been intimidated by getting into podcasts or maybe want to dive deeper into this world, I hope today’s post is inspiring to you!

If you’re looking to really dive into listening to podcasts, the first step is to download an excellent podcast application. Sure, you can use the built-in Podcasts app that Apple supplies, but Overcast has a lot of great features that make listening to podcasts even easier. It’s super simple to make playlists of episodes, it takes up less storage space on your phone than the Podcasts app, and has so many other great nitpicky features that make this app a great alternative.
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This American Life:
If you’ve never listened to a podcast before in your life, this is where I recommend everyone start. Show producer Ira Glass has set the standard for narrative podcasts, and has influenced the sound and storytelling for countless creatives. Their backlog in their podcast feed is pretty shallow, but you can listen to their entire archive reaching back to the show’s inception in 1995 on their website. I would recommend the episode called Abdi and the Golden Ticket.
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If you’re a creative, you’re constantly imagining what’s next. Thinking about starting a new idea, a new business, or a new adventure can be daunting, and that’s what the podcast StartUp is here for. The origin of the podcast told the story about how the creators of the show started their own business, which was a company that creates podcasts. The show now focuses on entrepreneurs who are figuring out how to manage employees, deal with the pressures of marketing, and learn how to successfully fail. One of my favorite episodes is called Diversity Report.
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Reply All:
Reply All labels itself as a “show about the internet,” but it is really so much more than that. It is a show that is obviously influenced by This American Life, but takes storytelling to a very different level. They often cover topics you’ve never heard about and find ways to not only inform you about the subject, but leave you yearning for more story at the end. This podcast takes the art of storytelling and stretches it in a way that leaves you feeling inspired to be a better artist after each episode. One of my favorite episodes is called This Proves Everything.
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Judge John Hodgman:
One of my favorite things about the podcast medium is the way people can use it to create an arbitrary set of presuppositions and use it as the new normal. That is a pious way of introducing this extremely goofy podcast that has quickly become my favorite show I listen to. The premise of the Judge John Hodgman podcast is that the host, John Hodgman, is a judge in “fake, internet court.” He hears the cases of litigants, who are usually avid fans of the show, and helps to rule judgement of their disputes. John Hodgman is in no way an actual judge, and the disputes he normally rules over are shallow and pedantic, but the seriousness that every party involved takes in the show makes it an extremely entertaining show. My favorite episode is called Dad Nauseum, which is about a dispute between a father and son, in which the son wants the father to stop using the same exact “dad joke” every chance he gets.
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Matthew Moore is the worship leader at The Gathering’s BarChurch site. He is featured on The Desert, where he worked as the lead songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist on the record. When he’s not working on music, odds are you’ll see him around town riding his olive green scooter with some earbuds in playing the latest episode of some podcast.