Weekly Inspiration // Aly Chisum

Photo courtesy of  jordysearcymusic.com

Photo courtesy of jordysearcymusic.com

The life of a nurse/musician is often filled with working, eating, and being awake at times that other people probably aren’t. Many times I find myself at home awake because my body hasn’t adjusted to being off the night shift, and no one is around to chat with. I usually fill that time with music, either listening to tunes or playing around on the keyboard (with headphones on if it’s 2 am). Here are some recent inspirations for me:

Tell All My Friends- Will Regan

This album by United Pursuit’s Will Regan has been on repeat for me lately. Somewhere between a worship album and a collection of smooth listening tracks, if your brain just needs some rest and your spirit some warmth I would highly recommend this record. Will has a voice that instantly takes you to a place where problems fade, and if you’re someone who prays, it helps you focus on some simple truths of God that I think we typically overlook.

Dark in the City- Jordy Searcy

Okay this one I am biased, but one of my lifelong friends Jordy Searcy is killing the Nashville music scene with his new EP Dark in the City. Jordy knows his way around a guitar better than I know my way around my own house, and his soft high notes will truly melt your heart. A favorite track is Love and War in Your Twenties, which definitely hits home for me in my era of life right now. It’s an anthem about how confusing twenty-something’s can get, and in the end we’re all just chasing love. Agreed, Jordy.


This band was one of those never-heard-them-but-sure-I’ll-go-to-the-concert bands. And wow am I glad that I did! Fruition is an incredible group of powerhouse musicians, led equally by a mandolin, electric guitar, and at least three part harmonies all the time. The concert was mesmerizing, with fills that could have been planned or very much skillfully improv-ed. Sounding like a little rockier version of the Head and the Heart, Fruition surely carves their own spot in the folk/rock genre. Their lyrics don’t fall short of the instrumentation behind them, and together they make for a captivating experience. I would highly recommend checking out this band, and catch them the next time they are in town!

Aly Chisum is the Associate Worship Leader at the The Gathering's McCausland Site and a vital part of the Made New Creative team.  She is featured on The Desertour most recent EP release, as a performer and songwriter, and she typically leads at our 5pm worship service on Saturday evenings.  She completed our internship program in the summer of 2015, and also works full-time as a registered nurse.