in pursuit of something good : something good pursuing us // Aly Chisum


Sometimes, in the midst of pain or hardship (or even just some really bad writer’s block) we wonder: why create at all?
              does what I have to say matter in the hurry and bustle of the world?
              who is even listening?

I know I can begin feel that way with songwriting, and even with the everyday tasks we live through. Showing up to work, scrolling through various social media outlets, driving semi-courteously, wondering if I’ll ever get a date…

It can be tempting to wake up, grumble through routines, feel generally underappreciated, and then look forward to plans and would-be’s that may, in all reality, not ever happen. Why bother with looking for the good ideas right now, when I know that if I just get this done, if I just get a few more hours of sleep, if I just wait until next week when all the team members and pieces are in place then SURELY the mission will be accomplished.

Well thankfully there’s an illustration that I think can help with our problem of feeling like the rest of the world is passing us by. In Matthew 18, Jesus is talking to his buddies about how much God loves us. He describes God as an occupation that they were familiar with, a shepherd, and when one sheep goes missing, he leaves the rest of the 99 in the flock and searches for it.

This story is not one of past history- it is one to demonstrate how we are each actively sought after to be a part of the good thing God is doing in the world. We are wanted; even needed, to be found and contribute to making this earth a more beautiful place to reflect the one who is putting everything right. And that begs a response.

Knowing that we were once lost but are now found is what gives us the inspiration, and even the challenge (as sometimes it’s not pleasant) to move forward. When we feel overcome with mediocracy in art and in our lives, may we always be reminded that not only are we valued and known but are equipped to be shepherds that go after the one idea. The one song. The one show. The one hope to not give up and grumble our way through seasons.

You can find purpose, meaning, and even art in places you may previously wanted to rush through. There really are constant opportunities in life to make something good, because good has come through for you at least once. It’s hard to see the one thing that’s escaping you if you think it’s always going to happen later, so chase after it now. And if you get lost in the chase, well, no worries. You’ve got a pretty directionally-saavy shepherd who is always going to come find you.