Creativity: It's do or die.

Like most creative people, I have lots of ideas.  Most of them are amazing (of course), but a high percentage of them never see the light of day.  They appear into my consciousness in a flash of brilliance and inspiration and fade into oblivion just as quickly.  And this is a problem.  Call it what you want: losing the muse, writer's block, too busy, uninspired... The reality is that being creative implies that you create something, and a certain talent, personality, age, location, and wardrobe are not required.  However, ACTION is essential.  

"We have to act!  If we don't act, we are not creative.  We are imaginative and have great ideas... But that's not creating."    -James Rhodes, Classical Pianist & Recording Artist

And here's why it matters.  Creating is a part of us.  It's built-in, and it has been from the start.  The opening lines of scripture center us on this fact, "In the beginning, God created...".  And if we are made in the image of God, as scripture tells us, then the creative act is a part of our very nature.  It is real reflection of God's image and an authentic expression of our truest self.  This is the work that sets us on the path to becoming truly alive.  Not.  Optional.  

So whether you consider yourself a creative person or not, I'l like to issue you a challenge today to create something.  Just try it and make something happen.  Take a risk, invite God into it, and dare to be what God intended you to be.  A CREATIVE.

"The only ideas that really matter are the ones that get turned into realities.  There is no proof of creativity without action.  The creative act requires both sides: it requires creativity AND it requires action."    -Erwin McManus, Author & Pastor

And because I'm not one to leave you hanging, here are some great ways to engage with creativity at The Gathering:  

WORSHIP - Just by showing up to worship on a weekend, you are creating something amazing.  Your presence there matters and creates a community that is not the same when you are gone.  You are entering into the presence of God with the gathered Body of Christ (the Church) and elevating a collective worship experience for other people who desperately need it.  And you need it too.  So just show up and create something!

SERVE - There are over 130 volunteers serving and collaborating up front and behind the scenes to make the details of worship happen on a weekend: musicians, artists, designers, a/v techs, photographers, and the list goes on.  Their collective acts of creativity inspire hundreds of people every weekend and create a worship experience that literally changes lives, by the power of the Spirit, every week!  

Be a part of it and contact us here for more information.

CONNECT - Be inspired by the creative gifts of others in the Gathering community by learning about the artists at Made New Creative and the work that they are doing in the Church and beyond.  See what we're up to by regularly checking out the "artists" and "events" pages on our website ( or by following @madenewcreative on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.  And we are adding more artist profiles in different genres all the time, so contact us via the above link if you are an artist and would like to be featured.  

CREATE - Make stuff happen!!!  Got a great idea for a project and need help getting it off the ground or bringing it to fruition?  Want to get your work in front of a larger audience and inspire others?  Are you hosting or do you want to host an event that could use a creative shot in the arm from the work and/or presence of some of The Gathering's musicians, artists, and other creators?  Contact us through the above link or talk with a  Worship Leader at any site to get the ball rolling or to pitch a concept, or just get in touch with me personally and I'll walk you through it: 
@r_hebel (twitter & instagram)
Ryan Hebel (facebook)

Now get creating!