5 Things of Inspiration // Stu Faris

Stu Drums

1. Reflection

Before we look forward, I always think it’s a great idea and practice to look back. What better time of the calendar year to do this then right now! Another year behind us, another year ahead of us. I find it not only helpful to look back at the past year that has passed, but to also look back at the last two, five, ten, or twenty years and search for little nuggets of helpful growth and understanding to use as a foundation for whatever I’d like to accomplish in the new year ahead. Reflect on what I’ve been through, what has made me strong, what has made me weak, what has made me feel good or bad, what has made me ME. Look back, then turn around and don’t look back

2. Restlessness

Never settling for the norm. Never being comfortable with the way things may be at the present. Never being happy with just doing the easy thing or trying to be safe. I find that looking for new ways to reinvent and redo the things I’m involved in not only keep things fresh but keep me looking for ways to be creative. It’s always very normal for me, and many of us, this time of year to feel very restless. With all the changes that are happening, from the super obvious calendar change, to the resolutions made, the things given up, and even the slow shift towards daylight savings time that is happening. Don’t be okay with just being. One of the things I tell my kids at least once a week is to be yourself and how boring this world would be if we were all the same, if we were all trying to be like one another. This time of year makes me more restless than any other time because it’s a time to re-evaluate myself and the changes I would like to make in myself and the projects I want to work on this year.

3. Rest

I thought it was important to also follow up, as strange as it may seem, by saying to it’s also very important to rest. Let me explain more. I’m thinking more in terms of recharging. Recharge your creative batteries. We all are creative in one way or another. Even if you don’t think you are, there is SOME way that you are. We were created to create. Our Creator made us to be creative. That can be SO many different ways, so many areas of life, so many corners of the world. This time of year, I use it to restlessly reflect, but also use moments within all of this to rest, to recharge. Recharge by simply stepping away from things that are to loud in your creative life. Recharge your soul by centering yourself, by meditating, by praying, by being in worship, or by just being present.

4. Restarting

This is an important step for me and I think the most important step of all. Once we figure out who we are at this very moment, it’s important to readjust ourselves and to press restart in some ways, in lots of ways. Start new projects, start saying NO to things that aren’t helping us out with what we are being called to do, starting to live a more honest life that is full of more love, restarting our creative motors, then...

5. Run

Hit the ground running! Run with whatever it is that we are wanting to run with. Run away from the things that are not a positive influence in our lives. Run towards our dreams. Run towards our goals. Run towards the people and things that inspire and lift us up. Run through the walls that may keep us away from what we are trying to accomplish. Run full speed at a life of being great while finding a life that honors Christ and takes care of our brothers and sisters around us. Run and gun!

Whatever you do every year to plan for the year ahead, I urge you to always try and switch it up a little somewhere. Change is GOOD! And always remember God is great!

Try new things. You’ll be OK. It’ll all be OK.

Here’s to a wonderful and creative 2018 ahead!